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BVA is the home of Falkhans Emir, HP Black Beau and MC Psynister, a trio of beautiful Arabian Stallions. It started with the purchase of Falkhans Emir as a beautiful 18 month old colt with a coat of black velvet. A few years later Sharon purchased another black Arabian colt, which of course was the NV Beau Bey son known as "Domino" around the farm. At this time the name was obvious and Black Velvet Arabians was born.

Collage of the Trio.

However beautiful her black horses were, Sharon’s eye was not blind to color, but tuned to beauty, correctness and disposition. She soon found her third, a gorgeous grey Arabian stallion, MC Psynister. He was a proven winner with bloodlines that were needed for her developing breeding program! "I chose these Stallions, not just because of their mystical beauty, or because of their championship bloodlines, Ruminaja Ali, Bey Shah, Psymadre, Dream Quest and Padron Psyche, but also because of their calm and gentle nature!"

BVA’s Arabian mares were purchased with the same criteria as its stallions. Their goal is to produce one or two Arabian foals a year that represent the best of the Arabian breed, with all their beauty, type, and athletic ability as well as a kind, gentle nature that make them a joy and pleasure to own. Of course it doesn’t hurt that BVA’s horses have "snort and blow" on command!

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Sharon is an amateur photographer and has captured a noteworthy B&W image of MC Psynister. HP Black Beau has also been wonderfully portrayed by Sharon’s dear friend, Diane Deason.

Collage of bva art.


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